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Dead World
Literary Fantasy
Everything dead is alive, and everything dead can kill you.
First Draft
Nov 2012
After his murder, Sam Johnson wakes up in a world filled with freakish mutants warring with each other. Everything from roads and trees to buildings and airships are alive, imbued with the soul of someone who had met a tragic death. He must find a way to fight the forces of evil in this land before the madness spills back to Earth, threatening those who are still living.
JANE: An Unauthorized Autobiography
Historical Adventure FanFic
Jane finds a wild man in Africa and must fight to save him from British Marines
Second Draft
Nov 2011 NaNo
Intrepid explorer Jane fights the denizens of the jungle while falling in love with a strange, wild man. When he is captured trying to defend his home, she must launch an assault to save him
Historical Adventure
My cousin must rescue his family from the Old Country
110 Pages
First Draft
Jan '11
A man receives a letter from his family describing the pogroms of the Russian Revolution. He decides to undertake a journey to rescue his family from imminent destruction.
Girl | Alien
Two Brains, One Heart.
A girl with two brains, one alien, must find a way to unite her warring sides before he city is destroyed.
3rd revision,
On submission
Dec '10
An all-female world, but girl discovers a shocking secret.

Steam Palace
To save her ‘Evil Twin,’ a noble-born woman might just have to become evil herself.
Seeking Representation
Sept ‘09
NNWM 2009
Noble-born Sophia Stratton meets her ‘Evil Twin’, but to save her twin’s life, she might have to descend into evil herself.

Sophia and her family have lost everything—their titles, lands, and wealth—and now, after Sophia inadvertently kills a man, she must flee to Hartford and find a way to return her family to their former glory. She finds Viola, a vicious, low-born woman of ill repute living in her aunt’s house. Viola, upon learning of Sophia’s destitution, attempts to lure Sophia into a life of deplorable activities, but Sophia resists involvement with Viola until she learns a shocking truth: Viola is her identical twin. Sophia must find the strength to forge a relationship with someone of despicable morals while maintaining her own dignity.

Together, they stumble upon the Sea Key that reputedly unlocks an artifact of unimaginable power, but the Emperor of their country’s most feared neighbor captures them. He offers Sophia a choice: hand him the Sea Key—which would lead to her country’s downfall and thousands of deaths—or he will kill Viola, the twin Sophia never knew she had.

STEAM PALACE, complete at 120,000 words, is a Steampunk romp through alternate-history America, where proto-Nazi Reichlanders battle British-style New Britannians while the Free Southland tries to democratize both. It features secret keys to impossible powers, airships built of whale skin and bones combating giant crawling tanks, time travelers with malevolent agendas, clashes between cultural extremes, and of course, tea, corsets, and goggles.
Dead Air: An Archie Magnuson Mystery
Detective Mystery
A killing is using poison air, and Archie must stop him before he kills again.
2nd Revision,
On Submission
Sept ‘10
NNWM 2010
Archie Magnuson lands a sweet job as the chauffer of notorious Cindy Stone, music’s latest darling. When her agent is found dead in the recording studio, Archie turns to his home-bound former detective mother for advice. With the help of a blind teenager and sexy barista, he sifts through the evidence to discover a shocking plot, only to find himself and Cindy at the bottom of the Bay, their car filling with freezing water and poison gas. He must escape the murder attempt and uncover the villain at the heart of the plot to destroy himself and Cindy.

The Immortals
Science Fiction
The Final Hero fights to prevent the rebirth of Death Angel.
Incomplete First Draft,
needs rework
Jan ‘07
Four hundred years from now, a man known as Death Angel destroys all governments and enslaves the world though unstoppable magic. Four hundred years after that, twelve of his acolytes, now known as “The Immortals,” rise up and defeat him. They have ruled the world for millennia, but now their power grows weak, and the forces of darkness collect once again to bring Death Angel back from the dead. But there is young man, the Final Hero and perhaps the prophesied Thirteenth Immortal, who must reunite the Immortals and prevent the return of the darkness that once gripped the land.

30 Days: The Singularity Matrix
Spy Thriller
Alex Ross escapes a Chinese labor camp only fall into the hands of a megalomaniac bent on world domination.
Blogvel posted online
NNWM 2008
The Singularity Matrix converts matter into pure energy. And Carrie Park won’t hesitate using it to plunder the world’s greatest treasure—England’s crown jewels. She’s equipped a ship with it and her and her band of pirates are set to destroy everything in their path. But she doesn’t count on Alex Ross, the pilot of her ship, to secretly fight her every step of the way, just waiting to make his move to kill her plans.

30 Days: The Infinity Event
Spy Thriller
Alex Ross discovers his boss is a megalomaniac and his girlfriend is a Chinese super-spy.
Blogvel posted online
NNWM 2007
Alex discovers secret documents at work hinting at a series of murders which then occur. These deaths are competitors to his company, and point back to girlfriend. But the real villain is his evil boss who is seeking revenge against all who have wronged her in the past, including Alex. Alex must come to grips with his new reality, and withstand a vicious assault on his father’s house, before he can finally reveal the truth.

Dawn’s Rise
Apocalyptic SF
A fake psychic starts to see the future…and it’s bad.
3rd Draft, Needs rewrite,
shelved for now
Dawn’s work as a fake psychic puts her in touch with people around the globe, who start seeing her as some kind of Savior among disasters. When the disasters start becoming real,

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