Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting to Know Your MC Blogfest: Grett Hawk

regretElizabeth Mueller is hosting the “Getting to Know Your MC” Blogfest, inspired by Jeannie Campbell’s 3 questions. Check out all the other entries! The point is to get to know your Main Character at a deeper level.

Today, we’re going to interview my newest MC Grett Hawk from the Alien Teen/Girl World YA SF Series I’m working on (yeah I don’t really have a title yet).


Hi, this Grett. Thank you so much for your interest in my story, by Andrew has asked that we take it down for now since it’s pretty revealing, and he wants to keep you in suspense. I promise there will be more from me at a future date!



  1. Great interview Grett! It sounds like you haven't exactly had an easy life, looking forward to reading more about you! :)

  2. If you can't do the Junior Warrior competition without using your powers, you shouldn't do it. I mean what good would winning be if you had an unfair advantage? . . . unless they pay you a lot of lot of money. Just kidding. You still shouldn't cheat.


  3. Wow, Andrew, that is taking teen angst to a whole other level! I can't believe she survived that attack!  Interesting idea you have here.
    of Your Seat Romance

  4. Grett here.
    Nope, nothing easy about a warrior's life. Heck, most of us don't live to have our own kids. 

  5. Hey, she had a lot to say! I love your title by the way, Andrew! Thanks for participation, it's been fun!


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell
    coming fall of 2011!

  6. Grett here.
    My "powers" aren't something I can turn off and on. In some ways, they're kinda automatic, instinctual. Heck, I could be blindfolded and still win most competitions.
    But Andrew kinda hinted that maybe at the next Warrior competition there might be one of my kind there to compete against....

  7. Well, she...didn't. It's a long story (~55K last I checked).

  8. Thanks for hosting!
    Yep, she's chatterbox.

  9. Wow! I love the unique premise and the voice here.

  10. Fantastic picture there :)
    Grett sounds like such a well-rounded character! Sounds like you really know your story and the world it takes place in. 

  11. Thanks.
    She's still a work-in-progress but it's coming along.

  12. You sound like a very smart girl.  Admitting one's mistakes is a sign of strength.  I hope everything works out for you in the end.

  13. Grett here.
    It wasn't as much admitting mistakes alien side threw me a guilt parade.
    I hope things work out too...but I don't think Andrew is planning to make it easy...

  14. Alright, I guess I'll just have to wait.... ;)

  15. There's a "first page" up on this blog if you want to read a page.


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